Monday Morning MEM0 050222– This Week’s Strategy – What were you thinking ?

Every now and again someone may tell you – “What were you thinking?”

Sometimes you do or say things and in retrospect you ask yourself – “What was I thinking?”.

Nothing happens without a thought. The chair you are sitting on began with a thought, whatever you are using to read this blog, a laptop or cell phone began with a thought.

The thing with thoughts is that you have to be focus on what you are thinking, you have to be present. This is important because your thoughts determine your actions. if every action begins with a thought then the appropriate thing to do is be focus when making decisions that affect your business and personal life.

You cannot act on every thought. It is said that customers are always right. Imagine a client is complaining about a refund and without investigating you provide a refund only to realize this was not necessary. On the personal side you see your husband or wife talking in a very friendly way to an ex and you go berserk, before identifying what’s going on.

This week remember to be present and focus on what you are doing this could avoid you a lot of pain later on.