Monday Morning MEM0 050922– This Week’s Strategy – Roses without thorns.

Whoever heard of roses without thorns? So it is with life, no one can say that they do not have any challenges or thorns in their lives.

If we want to achieve our goals there is always a struggle, those unexpected circumstances or thorns that just suddenly appear from nowhere and you want to pull out your hair over them.

It happens to all of us you design an outfit for a client, they know about it then all of a sudden they no longer want it, or you followed a client for his business and on the last minute the transaction cannot go through. Even on the job you were banking on a client to come through, you were already smelling the roses, you already included it in your targets as a done deal, and bam, the client no longer wants the product.

These things could throw you off in a real bad way, as the negativity could crawl in. You tell yourself, there has to be a better way. You look at that rose bush, so pretty, nature at its best, but to get to the rose you have to pass through the thorns. That is life, so wake up smell the roses and recognize that all these unexpected circumstances are there to help you reach your goal. You are going to build some stronger muscles of stamina, focus, more energy and drive to try bigger things. When you pick that rose you know you have done it and you could do it again and much better. Never look at unexpected circumstances as stress and no way out, see them as challenges that must be overcome.