Monday Morning MEM0 07022022– This Week’s Strategy – You said I would get this today! What happened?

I am sure throughout your life you may have heard this a couple of times: You said I would get this today! What happened? We break commitments we make every day.

We promise customers to get back to them and we don’t for a multitude of reasons, we tell our boss we will get the business or we will review the file, but that never happens and we make promises to our loved ones and these are never fulfilled.

Some people don’t commit because they know that they may not deliver, they say – “I am not committing, but when I get the chance or the time I will do it’. Some people do not even want to get married because they do not want to commit. They want to be able to walk out whenever they want.

If you want to succeed in life you have to commit to something and you have to keep those commitments. When you do not keep those commitments you live your life with a lot of unfinished business.

People who are committed are those who get the work done, if they say I am going to do this you know it would be done. Those who are not committed just keep taking their time prodding along and nothing much is happening.

Think about it: What are you committed to doing in your business, your job or your personal life? How have you been keeping your commitments? As they say – behavior never lies. Your commitment to whatever you decide shows up in your performance, how you operate your business, your performance in your job and the healthiness of your family and your personal life.

Don’t leave a string of unfinished business or issues behind you, commit to doing better, making life better for you and for all the people you interact with. After all you only pass this way once so leave a positive mark.

Have a great and productive week!