Monday Morning MEM0 14022022– This Week’s Strategy – How can I do that?

How can I do that?

How can I get and keep clients or close friends or what would it take to get me what I want?

Well, you certainly want to get and keep clients and close friends.

It is a given we were not born into a world by ourselves, and we are all connected.

Some people have problems getting and keeping clients, close friends or even maintaining a good relationship.  Instead of focusing on how they can do that, they focus on what is not good about them – I am not good with customers, I am not good at making friends, people don’t like me, that is not my personality. Even where God is concerned, they are like: I did not tell Jesus to die for me.

When a problem arises whether it is getting clients, maintaining your relationships the first question to ask is: How can I do that?  When you do this the mind starts exploring options that you can use.  So, in your business ask: how can get more clients and start brainstorming. In your relationships ask: how can I maintain my relationships or get into a relationship. Or even what would it take to get me the clients that I need or the relationships that is right for me.

Nothing comes without effort so today and every day you get the opportunity to ask yourself how to live like you never lived before and love like you never love before. What it would take to get me there?