Monday Morning MEM0 16082123- This Week’s Strategy

This Week’s Strategy – Avoid being stressed


In some places business is opening up more and more. If your economy is opening, up be sure to avoid being stress. You see you may want to get so much completed, to make as many sales as you can, but be careful, you can get overwhelmed trying too hard.


So remember:


Be organized

Be sure you plan your time,  know where you are going to use your time this week and today.


Take a break


Working under pressure can cause many problems. You may not focus properly and mistakes make happen, or you may forget to do something. So take a break throughout the day and recuperate.


Take care of yourself


Sometimes we are so taken up with our business and jobs that we forgot to take care of ourselves. So be sure to take care of yourself – have breakfast, enjoy some fruits while going about your activities, listen to some relaxing music.


Do just what you are capable of doing

Do not take on anything more than what you think you can do. Sometimes we want to do so much and we want to help this one and that one. When you have too many responsibilities the day and life can be very stressful. When you plan your day and your week leave some flexible time so that you can re-schedule as you go along.


Seek out people who can help


Remember you do not have to keep everything in your head trying to figure out what to do. Talk it out with somebody. We help you explore your options so you could make better decisions and do not have to be stressed. So gives us a call – 868 465 0603 – email:

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