Monday Morning MEM0 2806216- THIS WEEK’S STRATEGIES


This week we are looking at the impact of the activities that you are involved in on a daily basis on your business.

If you want your business to prosper you must consider the activities of each day in your business as a series of ongoing opportunities. There are so many activities that you could focus on, e.g:

  • Which client do you need to call?
  • Which supplier do you need to contact?
  • Which client could get you a referral?
  • Which contact do you know could get you the name of a supplier?
  • Which media platform to use or Marketing?

There are many daily  activities that convert into opportunities for growth in your business.

The amount of your profits or what you are making  from your business is a direct result of the effort you are putting out into each activity in the business. This means that doing the right things the right way and for the right reason in your business is your ticket to a successful business and better life.

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