Monday’s Weekly MEM0 010824 – This Week’s Strategy: No one will do it for you.

After a long break we are back with your Monday’s Memo.

So, you have some ideas for the new year. You may have written them down or just have them swirling around in your head.

Whatever you decide for 2024 no one is going to do it for you. Stop depending on the client to check you and call them. 

Those financials you must do for the company, stop saying when you have time and take action to put things in place, review them and have your projected plan for 2024. 

Stop saying you would enroll in the exercise plan to reduce the weight and take up the phone or computer, enroll and start. 

You know that person who keeps getting under your skin, and those persons who did you all the stuff last year that you believe they should not have done, forgive them and move on, stop letting them stay rent free in your head.

You need a fresh start. 2024 is your year, the year that you move forward from where you are to where you want to go. So this week clear the clutter and take action.