Monday’s Weekly MEM0 012224 – This Week’s Strategy: Know where you are going

You have to know where you are going first and then decide how to get there.

Know what you want for your business weekly, monthly and by the end of the year.

Know what you want for yourself, where do yo want to be in the next weeks, month, at the end od 2024 or even next year.

‘To know and not to know is still not to know’ . Confucius said this over 2000 years ago.

So now that you know what you want, what are you going to do about it.

Let me explain if you have to complete an urgent proposal for a client but your friend invites you to a big lime. This is your close friend , what are you doing to do? Going to the lime would never get you that contract with the client.

Let’s say your aim is to lose weight, you start but there is the girls lime that you feel you must attend, plenty drinks, deserts, would this help in losing those pounds or getting you to where you want your weight to be?

The thing is every second of the day you make decisions that would either take you closer to your goal or away from it, so stop and analyze your decision carefully before you take that final step.

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