Monday’s Weekly MEM0 012924 – This Week’s Strategy: Did anything ever happen?

We worry so much about what would happen if we did not do something or what would happen if something happens – you did something stupid on the job and you are worried you may lose your job; your biggest client did not renew the contract; business has been slowing down; your child  or children not doing as well as expected in their studies;  you think you have a health issue and the list of worries goes on every day.

Let me ask you – how many of these things have happened, and was it that bad? 

We get so agitated that some catastrophe is going to happen, that we fail to enjoy life. We miss the good things that happen in the moment and when we do recognize these precious moments sometimes it is too late. If we just settle down and enjoy each moment, live, love, laugh, enjoy the company of your family, or loved ones, enjoy the opportunity in your business to help someone, smile. Life can be so much better if you take each moment at a time and spend less time worrying about tomorrow or next week or next year. After all, most of the times none of the things you worry about ever happens.

Just enjoy the moments.

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