Monday’s Weekly MEM0 051622– This Week’s Strategy – What a mess!

What a mess. Have you ever met someone and after asking how is everything the answer is ‘lot of mess going on’.

What really is mess? What do they mean? They are really say that things are not going as they would like it and they keep trying to clean up the mess, but once they clean that set, another set comes up. That’s life. Life can be very messy, so many things happening at one time and you are just there with the mop or dust cloth trying to clean up everything. Have you ever notice right after you clean if you look hard enough there is more dust? Actually if you look closely you would notice the dust in the air just waiting to settle.

If you go about trying to clean up everything and being stressed about it life would be very challenging. Life at times gets messy. There would always be something not going right or the way you want it to go and you want to clean up it up. It is like in the office something goes haywire and the boss says – ‘clean it up’.

Lets’ look at some examples of mess in your life:

  • You promised the client one thing and went you went to the boss but he says no, and says deal with the client. Your reputation is at risk. What a mess!
  • There was a fight in school and your child is involved and other children, one of them is a child of a high profile client of yours. Your child was the one who started the fight. Mess!
  • The office has been gossiping about you being involved with your secreatry, you are happily married but has a soft heart towards the secretary and your boss found out about it. Wow! Mess!
  • Your sister has had a mental break down and comes outside your office and accuses you of all different things. Mess!

I am sure you can identify a lot more of these things happening in your life.

All mess can be cleaned up in a satisfactory manner and it does not have to be stressful. It is always how you respond to the situation. Every messy situation provides the opportunity to develop. It does not have to be called a mess it can be called a CHALLENGE.

Today and this week start renaming the mess in your life look at them as challenges and look for the opportunity to develop. You see without these mess or challenges there is no opportunity to grow, to see things from a different perspective. Remember the roses they all have thorns but they are so pretty. Life was never meant to be a bed of roses.

Have a great week!