Monday’s Weekly MEM0 061322– This Week’s Strategy – Make decisions in quiet times

The best decisions are made when you quiet the mind. Some people make decisions at the spur of the moment and others when they are hyped up or feel pressured or when everything is chaotic.

Most times when we make decisions at the spur of the moment, we regret taking that position.  Imagine there is an aggressive customer, and you give him a discount or a better rate then realize that was not the best option. There are also those persons who during an argument they say things and do things without thinking only to realize that must have been one of the worst decisions they made. 

Every second of the day we are making decisions. There are the life questions where we need to decide:

  • What do I eat? 
  • What do I wear?
  • What do I say?
  • Where do I go?
  • How do I live?

Then there are other questions like:

  •  What business should I be in?
  • Is this the right option for my career or my business?
  • What do I tell the client?
  • How do I meet my goals?

There are so many decisions to make and one of the most important guides is to b present and make your decision from a point of knowledge and quietness. It is in the quiet times you can explore all your options and select the one that best suits your challenge at that time.  You do not even need to be alone just some quiet times with friends can bring you to a point of recognizing what you need to do.