Monday’s Weekly MEM0 062623 – This Week’s Strategy:What are you afraid of?

Fear can cause you to do so many weird things. A friend of mine could not get a roommate and got so depressed to the point of not wanting to live anymore. Ask yourself what am I afraid of? When you look at it , sometimes the things you are so afraid of will happen never happens.

Now a days the crime situation is so concerning that some people go about life being so afraid that something will happen, they are afraid to go out, they are always looking behind their back. I recall for COVID19 people were so afraid to go out. Now people are walking the streets without masks, it is as if COVID19 has left, which is so far from the truth.

Take a good look at your business, your career and your relationships is fear holding you back from progressing in these areas?

Think about this, if we have the breath of God in us and we were created in his image and likeness, why are we afraid? Or are we afraid of him or just the idea having his breath?

We have all that we need to live a happy life, if we want to, let’s not be naive but acknowledge that we have help and there is no need to fear. Take things one day at a time. Look at each situation from end to end and explore your options before you start to panic or be afraid.