Monday’s Weekly MEM0 082823 – This Week’s Strategy: The self-control issue

The issue with having self-control is that it can be a challenge especially in business. It takes self-control to stay calm every time someone does not do something the way we want it, or even when someone offends us.  This happens often in the business world,  you have a meeting where everybody agrees that this is what will be done, but yet someone goes and does something completely different and throws off the plan. Then there is the client who is very abusive, but they are one of your best paying clients.

We need self-control in all that we do, if not at the end of the day we would be stressed, can’t sleep and eventually get sick. 

Let’s not make it an issue but learn to control our thoughts, our words (maybe bite our tongues when we are about to say something that would offend someone) and keep an eye on your actions( remember action speaks better than words), in this way things would flow better, and our life would be better.