Monday’s Weekly MEM0 091222– This Week’s Strategy – Is there a splinter in your eyes?

Are you looking at people and situations through a splinter? How many times have you done background research on a potential client, employee and when you met in person it was a different story?

We have a tendency to look at people and situations base on our own prejudices, instead of seeing them as a person just as we are, we see all different things about them, which may not be quite accurate. Think about it what are your splinters? Is it depression, so many of us are depressed that it is impossible to view any situation or person any other way, it’s like misery loves company. Is it envy, we are upset that the person may have gotten the promotion or they are doing better than us, their house is bigger than ours, they have a car that we could die for. Is is self centeredness? We are just concerned about us and our family, we can’t help anyone else.

There are many names you can give to your splinter, but unless you remove it, it is impossible to see people as worthy creation just like you. It is impossible to look at them through the eyes of love just as God looks at you. It is also impossible to get that good relationship with that client or even the good relationships at home. Mind you, when you get that eye it can sometimes make or break you. As a child Mom just had to give me that eye, that stern look and I knew that something was wrong.

Remove the splinter and see how better your vision becomes with time.