Monday’s Weekly MEM0 091922– This Week’s Strategy – STOP! What did you say?

When you talk or think about yourself and your business what do you say? For some of us I can bet it goes something like this – Business not going too well; the economy is bad; can’t get good people to work; people just not responding to my ads; I’m all stress out over the business or over the job; my relationship is stressing me out. Or – I have all this weight, I don’t have the money to do anything much. You can add your own thoughts to the list.

Whatever your thoughts and words are I am sure they materialize in your day to day activities. Words are like magic spells, they have power, every time you open your mouth you are placing a spell on something or somebody. If you keep saying business not going good, that is what would happen. Many people get through during bad economy or bad times. Every time you open your mouth to speak about someone you are either motivating them or lifting them up or pulling them down. The same goes for your business or your job – if you keep saying your office or company is a mess, then so be it, the mess would surface. Keep saying that you have some weight and the weight would stay there, you may even get some more.

How many times have you said something and you regret saying it? So, before you speak, pause, think a bit on what you are going to say before it comes out. Are you placing some good energy in your business or job or are you going to pull them down? What about your personal life what have you been telling yourself?

Change your words and thoughts and see the difference.

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