Monday’s Weekly MEM0 091926– This Week’s Strategy – Take action with urgency.

Do you take long when making decisions or do you take action with urgency? Have you ever notice that when you procrastinate things don’t turn out the way you wanted it. Then you beat up on yourself: if I had done this at that time, this would not have happened.

Life is about taking action and sometimes quickly. For example in a game you never know what would happen next so when the ball is in your court you got to go for it. So it is with business, sometimes you do not know what the competition is doing or what they would come up with next, so instead of pondering you need to take action quickly. The market changes in a blink of an eye, stocks increase and decrease, these scenarios are all as a result of people’s actions, sometimes quick actions.

Nothing stays stagnant, everything keeps moving. People get rewarding for taking quick action, e.g if they save someone’s life. What about you? Are there some activity in your life or your business that you need to take action with urgency?