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This Week’s Strategy – Stop making a problem out of everything

Problems. problems, problems, everywhere you look there is a problem, or is there?

Sometimes we make problems of out of the simple things.

An issue comes up in the business, then all of a sudden there is a meeting to discuss, people have to leave some important tasks to attend the meeting, only to realize it needed a simple solution.

There may be a simple issue with a client and it goes from a small ants’ nest to a mountain.

Why are you making a problem out of everything? Before you call wolf take a hard look at the issue and explore the solutions, sometimes just letting it be actually takes care of the problem.

So today don’t make a problem out of everything. Relax, enjoy your business, job or life knowing that for every problem there is a solution but sometimes you do not necessarily have to find the solution, you just let it be and nature take it’s course.

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Monday Morning MEM0 1207218- This Week’s Strategy.

This Week’s Strategy

How to decide which direction to take in your business or personal life?

Life could be daunting and at times you could get so overwhelmed with so many things hitting you at the same time, and there appears to be no way out. Well, that is not really true. I heard it said once that there are 500 options to one situation or problem so you could decide which direction to go by exploring an option or two.


As nature has it we were made to fight or flight. So either way we have to make a decision on which direction to take. Making rash decisions could sometimes cost you a lot of money and also cause business and personal relationship issues.


I found an easy way to decide which direction to go. There is a lot more to this process and if you would like to learn more shoot me an email. –

Here is the process for any decision you have to make:


1. Get a sheet of paper and divide into 4  and list the following:


2.What is the problem? Be as specific as you can.


3.Problems are either past or future . So is it in the past or the future?


4.Decide if you can do anything  about the problem – or if there is nothing you can do


5. Based on what you wrote in 5 take whatever action deemed necessary.


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Also remember solving problems involve you looking at different examples in the past seeing how others deal with the problem and pulling the pieces together to see if there is anything you can use to solve your problem.


It also helps to be focus and practice being present when you are dealing with problems so you can come up with a solution that works for you. If you are not present chances are that you could make a decision that may not be what you are looking for.

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