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Diabetes, overweight and your heart

Being quarantine or just restricted from moving freely from our homes begs the question- what should I eat?

Every time you pass by the fridge or the kitchen you naturally want to see what there is to munch on. This thought takes no consideration for whether you have Diabetes, you are overweight, or have any heart issues.  It is up to you to have the will power to monitor what you eat and drink. If you would like to know more about how Diabetes, Overweight, your heart,  and how to manage these affect each other  join us here:

A lot of us have a soft spot for sweet stuff we love the taste and the feeling although we know that this may contribute to Diabetes, increase our weight, or overall affect our heart.  Some people say ‘what the hec’, I am going to die anyway why not enjoy life. That is all fine and good if you lived in a world by yourself. What about your loved ones and the people who would have to take care of you in your illness?

Weight management can be a serious problem for some of us. We want to lose weight but can’t resist the cake and icecream or the sweet pastries. What about the Pizza? If you are overweight like everything else you have to not only manage but maintain it. Simple suggestions like drinking a glass of warm water first thing in the morning and last thing in the night, or using a tea to detox your body. Not any tea, a tea that would also get rid of bacteria that has been in your body for a while preventing your body from accomplishing the functions that it should do. If you are seriously interested in losing your weight send me a message. Now I am not asking you to do it for you,  if you do not want to. Do it for your loved ones, your children, and those who depend on you. Message me now or contact me via fb click here:

Let’s get serious if you want to have your cake and eat it too you must find a way to manage the blood sugar naturally and effortlessly. I have found the #1 way to sweeten your stuff. This is a natural sweetener, 0 carbs, and 0 calories. Us it in everything that you drink and eat. If you would like to learn more send me a message.  So what’s in that cup of tea?


Join us Sept 19th, 2020 – 7.30 pm –  click here : Diabetes, Overweight, and your heart 


Diabetes and the Gut

Do you know that the International Journal of Health Sciences reported that 246 million people worldwide are living with diabetes? Not only that there are so many people affected but the Journal anticipates that this figure would increase by 50% by 2025.

There is so much information on Diabetes that it is hard to overlook it, even social media is asking for support for those with Diabetes.

This is a story from Social Media: “This is personal struggle for my family and is a very important subject. I can’t say this will be my last post for a while, but maybe the last of many…. love you all! Certainly, in the most difficult moments of life you realize who are true friends or people who really appreciate you. Unfortunately, some friends will click “like” but they don’t really take time to read your status if they see it’s long. I have decided to publish this message to make people aware of the horrific byproducts of diabetes. The disease ruins your cardiovascular and renal systems…. And the drugs, like metformin, that are prescribed, may encourage the onset of dementia. Now I’m looking for those who will have time to read this post to the end. Diabetes is very invasive and destructive to our body, even after treatment, and medications your body is still struggling with yourself trying to regulate the spiking
/dropping of blood sugar levels all the time.. It’s a very long process.
Please, in honor of a family member or friend who has died, or continue to fight diabetes or even have diabetes themselves; copy and paste (not share) on your page.
So I’m gonna find out who reads my posts. Please write “done” in the comments”

Some people say my father had it and I have it, it runs in the family.  Diabetes is so dangerous that it could lead to all kinds of problems including cardiovascular disease, nerve damage, the loss of limbs, and kidney dysfunction.  You know the pain of seeing your loved ones suffer with diabetes is overwhelming and you ask yourself what can I do to help.

Where does it start and can we do anything about it?

We now know everything starts in the gut. You can’t get sick without any relationship to what is going on in the gut. So your health is dependent on the health of your gut.

The body is made up of so many various processes and one is converting sugar into energy via insulin. You hear people talk about a sugar rush for energy. If the body cannot convert the sugar into the energy it disrupts the body functions and we end up with not enough insulin to convert the sugar into energy.

The excessive sugar – the birthday cakes, all the sweet stuff we like and savor could contribute to increased sugar levels which our body can’t deal with. We cannot forget those slices of bread which also contribute to our sugar levels. For me moderation is key. Your body tells you when you have had enough. You know the more sugar and flour you consume is the more the weight would pile up so why should you overindulge.  Everything begins in the gut with what you eat or drink.

If you are like me love a sugar rush maybe it is time to try something new. Something that would allow you to enjoy the sweetness and help balance your sugar levels. This would be for those times when you want to sweeten your tea or coffee without the worry of raising your sugar levels. New product coming soon.

Leave a comment to get infor when the product launches to help someone you know who has Diabetes or learn more about this product.


Do you invest in your relationships?

Do you invest in your relationships?

I heard this when listening to an online sermon and I wondered if we ever think of this. We are all in relationships one way or another. If you are married and you have children you are in a relationship with your spouse and your children.  If you have a business you have relationships with your clients, your business associates, your staff. If you work for someone or a company there are the on the job relationships and the customer relationships which is the only way to do the job in any case. If you believe you are not in any of these relationships then there is the relationship with God he created you so there is no choice that relationship has already been established. So how do you invest in your relationship?
Let’s take a look at your relationship with your spouse.  How are you investing in this?
Marriages are like houses or vehicles there is always some kind of maintenance. Are you maintaining your marriage or is it at a standstill waiting for something to happen then you start to repair it. Do you know your spouse in-depth or just on the surface? I know people who use other people to help them purchase gifts for their spouse because they are not sure what they would prefer. On the other hand, when buying gifts people stick to basics e.g cologne, flowers, or something for the house. If you know what makes your spouse tick then you would know exactly what to get him or her. It makes sense to discover your spouse, but first, you must discover you – how do you operate, what do you like and don’t like. When you know yourself then you could discover more about your spouse to understand how they operate. Take time to observe the way your spouse reacts to various situations. Also, listen not only to what they are saying but what they are not saying by the body language and facial expressions. This is the same for your children and even your relatives.

What about your co-workers?  There are persons in the office who prefer not to go to a certain individual. They do not like how they speak to them or they may say – I do not like how he or she operates. When work has to get done you need to communicate with persons you work with, by avoiding them you are creating more disunity. They would soon realize that you are staying away from them and sooner or later this relationship is going to affect your performance and the company’s performance. It would be so much better if you took the time to figure why you respond to this person in that way. What is the real cause for avoiding the person, or what is causing them to tick you off?

If you are heavily involved with clients or customer service you would recognize that relationships are key to maintaining clients for your business.  If clients are not comfortable with you they would take their business elsewhere. I have heard of people who research their clients prior to meeting with them to ensure that the relationship gets off on a good start.

Your relationship with God is key. This is the very first relationship and it maps out your relationship with others. Without a relationship with God who is the creator of everything and everybody, it is a challenge to maintain any other relationship. Look at anybody’s relationship and this would give you a good idea about their relationship with God. Whether we like it or not we were made to be in relationships and we have to invest time and energy in them.

If you would like to learn more about yourself or how to bounce back in your relationships send a msg to:-

Life has always been about options

Life has always been about options.

What do I want to be?

Where do I want to work?

Where do I want to live?

What type of car do I want to drive?

What’s driving your decisions? How do you know what type of business to go into? What about what kind of wellness products you should purchase to stay healthy, since health is an issue on everyone’s mind these days.

It can be overwhelming to have all these choices in front of you and not knowing what to do.

Some choices were made for you when you were born by your parents – but as time passed you start to make your own choices.

It Is not so much making your own choices but who guides you on your choice.

Of course, letting people tell you what to do means that you do not take responsibility for your decisions, so if it does not turn out well you have somebody to blame. I have heard of persons blaming people for telling to do stuff in their life that did not turn out well, and this casued disunity bewteen them.

The better way maybe to make your own decisions based on reliable data collected or you could sit with a Life Coach who could help you explore the options available to you. There are so many options avaiable to one issue, that is why it is a great idea to explore your options.

So many people are hurting now, you may have lost your job, business close down, relationship gone sour, family life in jeopardy. It is important to know that you are not alone, and you could reach out to people for help. There are many other persons going through the same thing. One thing for sure is that you are stronger and bigger than the issues facing you and sitting down and exploring your options could reveal a lot to you. You have capacity to deal with things, you were created with this capacity.

In every crisis there is an opportunity. It is time to explore the opportunities. You may not be able to go back to do things the same way, but you could find better ways to do things. This is an opportunity to show what you are made of.

Rise up and let you shine, focus on the now, the present, not what would happen, or what happened.  What can you do now? Where can you get help now? Don’t hide behind your issues, deal with them strategically one at a time, and before long you would look back and ask yourself how did I do all this?

We are alwasy there to explore your options with you.  Connect with us:

If you are concerned about healthy living you can explore some options here:



Explore new options to a better life

I am a sucker for natural health products.  Like this Dr. Miller Detox tea to keep the system clear . Great for keeping you healthy especially in this pandemic.  I believe you must take care of your health; no one would do it for you.

When you are travelling and you are on the plane prior to leaving,  the safety instructions by the flight attendant is in an emergency always place your mask first, then take care of those travelling with you. So it is with health. Stay healthy, boost your immune system. 02 Drops is perfect for boosting your immune system. This pandemic has made it so vital to boost your system and what better way than to use Oxygen

Even in a lockdown because of the pandemic exercise at home. Walk around the house. I walk 10,000 steps per day in  and around my house.  What about you, what are you doing in this pandemic? Are you just packing on the pounds? Eating everything in your site. I know the feeling, once you are home every time you pass by the fridge or kitchen there is a snack calling you. Soon you would be able to go out to the restaurants as rules are relaxed for the pandemic.. God help you here come more pounds.

Wait!! What about the business? Have you done anything about your business? You know some people have not worked for over two months because of the pandemic.. When they go out to work what would be their first priority? Is it a service or product that you provide?

Cash flow certainly not going to improve from day one, but there is hope, we explore options for our clients,  only if they keep their business options open. New product launch is taking place in the health and wellness industry. You see people need to boost their immune system. Some people may not want the extra cash but it is worth a try – no registration fee and really  when you look at it no selling.  If you could do with some extra cash msg me – Yes- send me additional infor. I would provide you times for the webinar so you could see for yourself.

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Virus pandemic demands you stay healthy

What this can do for you:

“Boostyourbodyandmindnaturally! O2Drops®fromLurraLifeareproventohaveasubstantialandmeasurable impact on health and wellness. This revolutionary liquid supplement is scientifically formulated to provide key nutrients to the cells – renewing and fortifying the body at the cellular level and naturally enhancing mental and physical performance. Other health benefits include improved sleep, strengthened immunity, and pain relief. It supplies the body with a bio-available form of oxygen and essential trace minerals that are vital for optimal health and functioning. The proprietary formula has been the subject of more than two dozen independent research studies around the world. No other activated oxygen supplement formula has undergone as much scrutiny and validation”. LurraLife

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Have you been taking care of yourself?

Most of us in locked down and all we are doing is eating and complaining.

Staying healthy is key not only for you but your loved ones.

If you are not healthy who would take care of your loved ones?

Do you know that you can also help others to stay healthy?

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As close to a “sure thing” as you’ll ever get in life

As close to a “sure thing” as you’ll ever get in life.

Got big goals you want to achieve in the second quarter?

Then you’re going to love what I have to share with you.

One of the smartest secrets to success is to model a proven winner…someone with a history of big wins.

You want to model someone who is in the position you want to be.

Someone with the clients and reputation you wish to have.

So if you want to learn how to fast track your goals and live a bigger, bolder and far more beautiful life…than there’s one guy you NEED to model.

His name is Gary Ryan Blair…a specialized high performance expert who spends most of his time teaching rapid execution strategies to Navy SEALs and other Elite Special Forces.

He just opened up enrollment for his 100 Day Challenge…a hardcore goal setting program that shows you exactly what you need to do to get more accomplished in 100 days than most people do over the course of ten years.

As a friend of mine, and to help people out during this pandemic…Gary’s making his 100 Day Challenge available for what I feel is the bargain of the decade.

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This is great news as it allows you to have a built-in accountability buddy who you can work with and compete against as you go for your goals.

Just to be clear…this is the formula I have used to grow my business, and achieve many of my dreams faster than I could ever imagine possible, and I’m confident it will do the same for you.

Enrollment is now open for the second quarter but to secure your spot…you need to act quickly as one important strategy in this success formula is that success rewards speed.

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P.S. Is the 100 Day Challenge demanding? Does it require some serious discipline, accountability, hard work, commitment and relentless action?

You bet it does, but by going all in for 100 days…the results are ridiculously huge and life changing!

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Retirement – are you ready?

Retirement – as we get older the term surfaces ever so often. Are you ready to retire?

Most people are eager to retire, and some are concerned and prefer to stretch themselves until they can’t go anymore.

I have heard people speak about retiring and spending time at the beach or just lying around doing nothing. Others want to spend more time with the family.

Ready or not retirement creeps up somewhere between 60 and 65, even earlier for some companies.

The truth is you have to plan for retirement. If you do not have adequate monthly funds to live a comfortable life, simple, no-frills you would have to resort to work until you can’t go any further.

If you do have a monthly retirement income it must be managed properly so there are things you must consider:

  • There must be a budget.
  • Certain food items may be out of your reach, so your diet may need adjusting.
  • If you were accustomed to attending lots of social events you may have to reduce or eliminate these.
  • Any government-assisted pension payments must be requested in advance so as not to lose income. The process for these is very tedious and time-consuming as you need salary information from the companies you were employed with.

One of the key planning items not only for retirement but once you hit 50 is to have a document to indicate where you have all your key items – insurance, investments, etc. In this way, if anything happens to you your family could easily locate what is needed. This is not a Will – of course, you should consider a Will, but this is a  Letter of Instruction which is different from a Will. When my Mom passed on there were a lot of challenges to get to her estate. Her name was incorrect on some of her documents and we could not find certain key items. If you need to learn more about this document shoot me a msg or email –


Once you are retired, the less you are active the quicker your body begins to deteriorate so keep busy. Find activities that utilize your expertise or that you enjoy or always wanted to do:

  • A dance class.
  • Gardening.
  • Coaching – if you are interested classes are available for this – msg or email –
  • Volunteer work – msg me and ask about this.
  • Part-time work.
  • Offer homework classes.
  • Learn a new language.

The idea is to keep busy, but still look after yourself – pay attention to your body – drink lots of water, avoid too much acid, sugar and salt. Check your levels often – pressure, sugar, blood analysis. If you want to get weekly information on staying healthy to email me and ask to be included in our weekly Motivational and Health Tips Newsletter.

Stay close to your creator – for as you know – dust to dust, ashes to ashes is inevitable.

Finally, enjoy life, you are the light of the world and the salt of the earth,  but do everything in moderation.

If you would like to learn more about our Letter of Instruction or you are  about to retire and have no clue what you are going to do, give me a call – 868 465 0603 or 954 306 1081 or email:


Looking for a Life Coach?

What Can A Personal Life Coach Do For You?

Taking the step in hiring a personal life coach is undoubtedly the best thing you could do. Life coaches are not only for people with serious problems or those who fight depression and cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel. This is a common misconception.

We all face problems in our lives from time to time and no matter how intelligent and successful we are, we are not always equipped to make lemonade when life throws us lemons! We tend to focus on our problems, however, trivial they may seem to other people, rather than find solutions to our troubles. A life coach can help you assess a problem and then assist you in finding a workable solution. Even though a coach earns your trust and gets to know you pretty well, he/she is still a third party who will remain non-judgmental. With their education and expertise in this area, they will let you see your problems in a new light and from a completely different angle.

Chances are that your life coach will address the problem of how to overcome an obstacle in your life with suggestions that you have not even thought of, simply because they are looking in from the outside and are not involved with your life and its hassles on a personal level. Most of us have goals in life and it is sometimes a challenge achieving it. Friends and family may support you but they have their own lives and aspirations to take care of. Many people know what they want out of life but they have no idea where to start.

Your personal life coach is more than capable of assisting you with this. By sharing your goals and hopes for the future with your coach, you have already taken the first step in achieving them! Your coach will help you plan your goal-achieving strategy, keep on motivating you throughout the process and keep track of your progress. It is human nature that you will work harder in succeeding and be more motivated to get where you want to be when you are accountable to someone. A life coach is not there to drill or push you to your utmost limits, but they will make sure that you never give up on your goals without a good fight, they will be rooting for you all the way and provide you with honest feedback.

If you think you need a Personal Life Coach call me @ 868 465 0603 or 954 306 1081 or email me

If you decide that you do not need a Personal Life Coach but know someone who does please pass this on to them


How to balance work and family life


Balancing work and family life can be a challenge especially as you try to get ahead so you can create a better life for yourself and your family.

Everything starts with a vision.

Where do you want to be? Then an action – how are you going to get there?

There are so many stories of families being left behind because Mommy or Daddy wanted to get ahead, or even husbands or wives being pulled apart because of the job.

Jobs could also be very demanding – late nights and weekend work which takes away quality time for the family.

Always write down what you want to achieve and share that picture and details with your spouse and family where appropriate.

Talk about how it would affect you and them and your love and appreciation for them.

Work out a plan and have family quality time in your plan – movie nights, game nights, cook dinner together or just a night out.

We help you re-discover what relationships are all about.

If you would like to learn more about how to balance family and work-life we can help.

Look out for more tips to put some life back into your relationships? Call us – 868 465 0603 or 954 306 1081 email