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How to handle differences

The last time you got into an argument how did you handle the differences.

Sometimes before we can think the words fly out and the fingers start pointing.

We judge and accuse not realizing that there are simple solutions to these differences.

Our differences should not find their way to court or to divorce. So how do we handle them?

1. Pray and examine yourself, your heart. Is this what you want. What led you to this.

2. Put yourself in the other person’s shoes. How do you feel about the situation?

3. Are there ways you both can get a yes?

4 .What is the purpose of your relationship?

5. Can you forgive that person?

6. Can they forgive you?

7. Can you behold that person with the eyes of love and glory in their perfection, just as God our creator beholds you with eyes of love?

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What are you coming home to?

At the end of the day what are you coming home to?

Some people may not have anyone to come home to, there is no one to talk to about your day, no one to sit and share your ideas  with. You know what,  if that is how you have decided to live then make the most of it.

If on the other hand you prefer the companion, the love and warmth, someone not only to share your dreams but someone to share their dreams  and we all need this love and connection, there are always options to attract that soul mate.

Would you be interested in exploring those options ?

Those who are coming home to someone  and don’t want to go home because of the quarreling , arguing and coldness there is always hope.

Relationships can be fun, rewarding and very loving. Think of the purpose of the relationship , what do you want out of it?  Does your partner know what you want out of it?  What if you can get help to  make this relationship work better would you be interested?

Relationships are the keys to success.

Relationships matter not only in a one and one, husband and wife, mother and daughter, father and son, children, partner but also on the job, how do you relate to your co-workers or your boss?

Good relationships help to improve performances on the job and also help to boost business if you are an Entrepreneur. As an Entrepreneur, if you cannot maintain a good relationship with your clients they would find someone else who they are more compatible with to do business.

Mindfulness-based stress reduction help to identify relationship blocks.

Let’s get you back to where you should be.

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#1 way to get more clients

Do you have a small business and have been struggling to get clients on line?

Let’s get serious you have been sitting at that computer trying to get people to click on your website or Facebook page with no luck.

What would happen if people could click and call you or place an order right away?  Imagine getting more  emails or calls about your products or services and increasing your leads and client base.

You do not even have to take the calls, we will do that for you so you can focus on building relationships with your clients.

Finish the year strong.

Let us show you how to put some money back in that wallet.

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Love tea? Drinking tea while you check your sites is a must.

I love tea, not just any tea – one that soothes my sore muscles, makes me lose weight and keeps the pressure at bay. As  us about our tea and muscle rub.


Is your name on that job ?

Is your name on that job?


Are you panicking because there are job cuts or you have heard of job cuts in your company?

Take a look at what you have:

  • You can communicate effectively;
  • You can tell the truth;
  • You know what your goals are;
  • You have experience in your field;

And more importantly, there is a job out there with your name on it.

So DO NOT PANIC.  Msg me and let us explore your options.

We work with you to discover what is blocking you from getting that job.

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Easy way to achieve your goals

Time to achieve your goals

The easier way to achieve your calls is to get some help.

Goals can be a challenge to achieve if you are working on them alone.

We help identify what is blocking you – your core beliefs and what is important to you then we explore your options with you.

With an accountability partner you can accomplish  much more than you imagined and you feel so much more satisfied.

At Joipf and Associates we help you achieve your goals, whether it is personal, career or business. We are there for you to encourage and explore possibilities. No goal is never too big or too small.

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101 Ways to compete for that job

With so much uncertainty you need to know how to compete to get that job and to keep your current job.

You maybe skilled enough for a specific job, however in these times you need to develop or improve on your skills to make you more marketable.

You cannot underestimate the importance of improving your skills as you do not know when things may happen, you would recall Petrotrin in Trinidad & Tobago. Although there was some indication about the Petrotrin issue people did not appear to be too concerned.

People are losing their jobs and they have not taken time to retool or improve their skills. There are many other companies that are laying off workers. What are you doing to safe guard yourself?

Your career is half your life, you lose your job, what about your family, your home, how are you going to upkeep these expenses?

There is always a job with your name on it, the question is do you want it and are you prepared to improve your skills to get it?

Do you want to learn  how to become an employee that every employer wants, how to market yourself, how to increase your odds in the market place, how to get into your own business and lots more. If you would like to learn more grab this book for  US$15.99 . Special Discount for TT Clients.

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No stress team work

As a manager or supervisor are you struggling with your team?

What would it take to get your team working together?

As a Lifeline for Managers and Supervisors I can help you get that team to be a real team.

team work

This is the secret to getting more from your team…

If you want to get more out of your team for any of these reasons:

1. Because the number of people on your team has been reduced and yet you’re expected to produce the same or better results.

2. Your team is not producing the results that are expected from you and your team and you’re concerned that your bosses and/or superiors and peers are not going to be happy about that.

2. Members of your team are undermining each other or worse undermining you, causing conflicts and frustrations for you and you’d like to turn your team in to a well oiled machine…





Importance and need for strategic thinking in teams.

The role of a team in strategic management.

Being a team player as opposed to a team slayer.

Inculcate the need for a shared vision.




Identifying and participating in the team building process.

Importance of interpersonal communication.

Keeping communication and feedback channels open.

Building risk taking and strategizing in team work.

Creating a positive work environment.




Importance of creativity in teams.

Working values of a strong team.

Unleashing our creative potentials to maximize output.

Generating high quality and innovative ideas.




Thinking win-win.

The perils of thinking win – lose.

Focusing on the common objective.

Support & sharing.

Developing skills for problem solving, decision-making and conflict





Appreciating the value of complimentary roles played by each team member.

Being a valuable team member.

Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of team members.

Common obstacles to team development.




Overcoming barriers to change.

Thinking outside the box.

Paradigm change.

Leading change.


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4. What are your ultimate aspirations and goals as a leader?

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